About SandBoxd

SandBoxd is a gaming portal that is built to run on every device with a browser. It is the philosophy of SandBoxd that gamers should not be constrained to the games available on their device, but instead should be able to play the games they love on the device they happen to be using.

Started early 2012, SandBoxd was born out of necessity for co-founders Sam MacPherson and Justin Pedersen to continue building high quality games for the web. They were looking towards their next title and were presented with the same question that many developers are facing today — which platform should I target? Instead of taking the normal route of targeting one or two devices with large market shares, they decided to create a long-term solution and target the open web.

SandBoxd enables developers to create, distribute and share amongst everybody. By mitigating the problems inherent in distribution, all the developers have to do is create mind-blowing experiences.

SandBoxd co-founders
SandBoxd co-founders Sam MacPherson (left) and Justin Pedersen (right)

About the Human Beings Behind SandBoxd

The founders of SandBoxd began creating video games early in high school with Sam having a knack for all things code and Justin dabbling in animation and artist design. The interesting thing was that this all happened in the remote farmland where they lived. With no formal training or schooling, they realized that they were able to see their hobby through to a point where they created something fairly unique at the time, PAWN, a real-time multiplayer flash game.

From there they were able to land a sponsor and work out a revenue share model that allowed them to continue their passion, go to school as well as manage to feed themselves. After postsecondary they are still creating games, but again they are looking to innovate again and share the wealth. They figured the open web is the best place to do this, and so decided to create SandBoxd, which pairs nicely with their extensive background in independent game development.

Founding Partners

The following users are recognized for their support in getting SandBoxd started:

  1. ezenith
  2. Chieffan
  3. Sniper
  4. Riswald
  5. GrebX
  6. BroKenGlass