Announcing Project Genesis

Over the past year we have focused most of our efforts towards our website SandBoxd leaving little time for much else; we haven’t done much in terms of game design. Remember that we originally wanted to create a website for ourselves as well as any other game developers out there to be able to easily host and create infrastructure for the super-versatile HTML5 games. Having reached a point where we are comfortable with the site, we have begun to shift our focus back towards our roots of game design, thinking of what the next project could be. We have decided to start Genesis. Looking back at our previous major title, ZED, we saw that it fell short in a lot of regards, and can be looked at as somewhat of a flop. Deconstructing the reasons why, we noted in particular design crippling scope-creep that fed into a lack of cohesive project management which ultimately brought us to a project that was a far bigger proverbial bite than we could chew. What is important to us is to understand that we fell short of our goals, and in the end learn from the experience so that we won’t let our users down in the future. The biggest thing we needed to address was the scope-creep--the process of slowly increasing the features of a project so that it doesn't seem like large additions, but the aggregate of them becomes an unfinishable project. As game designers excited about a real world zombie RPG, we were giddy with all the cool things we could add to make an amazing experience: “It would be great if there were many zones procedurally generated…” “Yeah, so then we should create a subway system for fast travel!...” “Cool! so then we should add factions you can create with friends and control territories…” etc etc. From there, our concepts got blended together to the point where one critical minimum feature was then tied to an advanced feature that really didn’t need to be in first release, and then everything suffered. SO…. Our goal now is we want to nail the core mechanics of the game down. Figure out the exact minimum framework we need, and build upon those mechanics. Make something that is fun, and attainable. From there, we work forward introducing more advanced features, in discrete modular updates, using our overarching design blended with your suggestions and comments for balancing and playability. Performance is also another major concern of ours. Our previous titles suffered from rather laggy or choppy experiences, and we want to be sure that the product we deliver is not only playable, but engaging across all devices PCs, Macs, Tablets, Phones, and most any device compatible so that we can increase the users available to play, Our goal is to deliver the minimum viable game by Spring, 2015. So let’s get to it. What will this game be about. First and foremost, yes it will be multiplayer. However, we are taking a different approach from our previous shooter titles. Genesis will be a constructive, non-violent game with an infinite persistent world. The game will be oriented around survival, economy and trade. Players control a single character that is “you” in the game. Players will be able to mine various resources with their character and with those resources they will be able to construct buildings to help them survive and prosper. We wanted to create a game experience that models the excitement and adventure of exploring a new land, and the importance of survival. Much of the early gameplay is all about surviving as an individual, the hunter-gatherer mindset of exploring to find food to sustain yourself as you cross the world. To create depth and breadth to the later game experience, we wanted to put in the functionality for users to band together towards bigger goals, and more extreme progress. Akin to the prehistoric times, tribes and communities will be what allows you to progress. It takes a village, after all. The main mechanic will be resource management, so you must mine, gather, collect, and turn it into valuable output, and then scale your operation. But bringing it back to what we were imagining earlier, we wanted to strip down the framework so that we can achieve our goals and deliver something you can play, so we broke everything down to the most fundamental mechanics, so that all we do is give you a set of rules, but it will be up to you to create your world, fund your empire, and keep to your civil duties. We are hypothesizing that this will allow you to create your own towns, cities, or metropoli, assuming you set your controls in place, managing your resources, and forming groups with the right people. Yes, that description seems like a pretty lofty experience to attain, but again we should reiterate that we are just giving you a fundamental world, with fundamental rules. It will be up to YOU on how to materialize your goals. We supply the building blocks, you make the structure. Genesis will be exclusively available on SandBoxd. It is one of our goals with Genesis to demonstrate what is possible with modern gaming in our multi-device world. We want you to be able to play Genesis whether you are home at your computer or out and about in the world on a smartphone. No matter where you are you will still be able to enjoy a high quality, social gaming experience. Anyways we hope you guys find this news as exciting as we do. We will be releasing updates and screenshots as we go. Feel free to comment with your questions and concerns.


Dam man LOL why not just continue with PawnTactics all the users have this opinion that PT is a great game and has lot's of potential yet you guys just keep moving to different genre's and titles..
We like to try new things. :) I'm glad you guys like PT so much though. We plan to keep it running for as long as possible.
I know all the PT players want PT to continue to be updated, and I also understand that you want to move on to new projects. If there was some way you could work on Genesis but over time do small updates to PT as well (obviously finding out what should be updated would need discussion), I feel like both sides (the developers and the players) will be satisfied with the results. All the people who are playing PT want some form of update because it's been so long since the previous one. Just throwing ideas out there, and good luck on Genesis!
Fair point Jared and thanks!
Actually seems really exciting. Might have more than just Darth sucking your dick pretty soon.
"Genesis will be a constructive, non-violent game" Does this mean you can't harm/kill each other?
constructive and non violent, Minecraft 2.0 i see
@TDK correct
@Shankster There are some elements that are similar to Minecraft, but we are not looking to clone minecraft.
Bring back that PawnGame. You know what I mean Blank?
the rat is disappointed with Sniper
This sounds like a awesome idea, Pawn Tactics hit pretty hard, I'm sure if you put enough work and time into this so called, "Project Genesis" it will make a bigger impact than PT and Zed combined... And as a player I would want you guys to put more work into PT, but as a experienced player, I know you guys will do great. Move on with this Project Genesis I will 100% support it along the way, and keep in touch. “You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could've, would've happened... or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on.” - Tupac Shakur
@Drmedic - Thanks for the support!
Will i be allowed to tickle the nipples of my people in the game
Only if they're my nipples
Bring back PT 2007-2009
Hey blank will i be able to suck my own dick in this game. i want a response please
I'm hella late on this but some sort of arena aspect would be cool. I like the constructive, non-violent thing, however maybe an optional arena where pvp could be used to battle other players for resources/gold/etc. would put a fun competitive aspect in the game as well.
I'm late on this but I would like for you to still focus on pt too Genesis sounds great but if you can advertise PT a bit more so that we can have more players that would be great. Thank You.
Is Every World just a temporary name for the game Genesis?
No we changed the name. Genesis was actually the temporary code name.