EverWorld Beta

We've got a launch date! Be ready to jump into EverWorld beta on Monday provided there are no catastrophic issues between now and then. JPillz and I have been playing a bit and we feel the game is stable enough to be playable by all of you fine folks. :) Please keep in mind this is a *very* early beta, and as such we plan on expanding/adjusting the game over time. The core concept is fully playable at this point though. During this initial beta phase we will be ironing out all the major bugs such as server crashes and such. After that we will be looking into bringing more outsiders on in a more public beta. Anyways, be excited. We definitely are!


Wow, Monday seems to far away. But thanks!
sounds boring
Gonna be amazing!
@midnights0ldier too* but ya lookin to try the game out
looking forward to it!
Can you speed in the game ? l0l0l0l
such indeed.
inb4 a "catastrophic issue" does happen
game is supposed to release on monday but only 1 video has been released? I call bs
Waiting -_-
Time to round up my boys, we be testin this **.
all these dickriders, lettuce be honest all his games he will make after pt sucks fuck this shit
Pawn Tactics v2
Is it out yet
Patience guys. We will make an announcement when it is released.
It's Released.
& I'm banned already. Great work Blank!!!!!!!