Push Notifications

Introducing support for push messages on devices running the Chrome browser starting immediately. This includes both Chrome for desktop and Chrome for Android. What this means is you will receive a notification regardless of whether SandBoxd is open or not. We feel this is a huge improvement to bring the SandBoxd ecosystem further into the realm of what was originally only possible with native apps. Push notification support is made possible using a recently added web standard. Chrome is the first to adopt this standard, but we expect other browsers to follow eventually. The initial version of push notifications will just be used for chat messages, but we plan to expand on this to include all site notifications. We will be making improvements along the way based on user feedback and experience. You can subscribe to push notifications in the settings menu of your profile, and unsubscribe at any point if you don't want to be notified anymore.


Seems legit :)
Sounds like a good addition that will help a lot in the future.
"Either your browser does not support push notifications or you denied permission for SandBoxd to use this feature." It won't let me turn on the push notifications, I am using Chrome and am not sure how to allow permission
Is this on your desktop or phone?
You may have notifications disabled or something as the message says.
Yeah, it says i denied sandboxd from using the feature but how do i allow it?
Maybe this will help: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3220216?hl=en
thanks ill try it out