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Edited June 12, 2018
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  1. Version 1.07.13 Additions: - Added a skin system for character graphics in order to support future updates - Users are now ordered by IP address in the Mod Panel for easy spotting of multi-logging Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug where completing a click within thirty milliseconds would cause certain actions to not be expressed to other players such as using the knife as recon Jan 21, 2019
  2. Version 1.07.12 Additions: - Added fast click detection in order to learn about the recon cloak exploit Jan 19, 2019
  3. Version 1.07.11g Additions: - Added additional intel and moderation events to Discord to assist moderators and admins Bug Fixes: - Fixed spectate mode for moderators Jan 15, 2019
  4. Version 1.07.11f Additions: - Added a message notifying you of having received an invite to a clan Jan 1, 2019
  5. Version 1.07.11e Additions - Added Clan Match Result notifications to Discord Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug that prevented some users from re-joining a clan war match Dec 31, 2018
  6. Version 1.07.11d Bug Fixes: - Fixed K/D ratios appearing as NaN for new accounts. Dec 24, 2018
  7. Version 1.07.11c Additions - Added server event sending to Discord Changes - Removed dynamic game scoring due to a bug with determining the round winner Dec 4, 2018
  8. My Proposal: 1. Update pt with new maps frequently so players don’t get bored and constantly play the same maps. 2. Update pt with major features and improvements and perhaps change the name to pt 2.0(maybe after flash is refactored to something else in 2020. Gives devs enough time to bring new features) 3. Advertise pawn tactics on discord, fb, Instagram, etc. 4. Make that new website dedicated to pt since sandboxd should be a place for minigames. 5. Make small improvements such as fix lag and glitches while pt 2.0 is created.
  9. Please join the [Discord]( if you have not already in order to access a live chat with Pawn Tactics players.
  10. Version 1.07.11b Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug that prevented players from joining games above rank `Private T1` Note: I had to roll back to v1.07.11 in my files in order to make this patch. Unfortunately I haven't been version controlling the **UI** so I couldn't fully rollback the UI and had to use one from a **later patch**. There might be some minor graphical discrepancies such as the **Users Online** being seen on multiple pages and it being unpopulated. Nov 29, 2018
  11. #
  12. SERIOUS QUESTION: Do any of yall want Pawn Tactics 2.0??
  13. Can I help code?
  14. Hey everyone, I added a forum to this group called `Discussion` where some updates on what is being developed will be posted. Feel free to post anything you like under these threads. Any type of hate/fan mail and or comments. I don't guarantee a reply will never get deleted, but give it yours.
  15. Version 1.07.11 Additions - New statistics have been added to the player info box popup. - A `stats` command has been added. You can now see the stats of offline players. (Example `?stats alexkwlabc`) Aug 2, 2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- July 29, 2017 Bug Fixes - Clan Owners can no longer accept invites to other clans until they have decided what happens with their current clan. - Players that leave a clan are now removed from any clan war group they were a part of. - A bug in quickplay has been fixed that would cause the game to cycle between "logging in" and "loading game". - Moderator/Administrator online status is now properly hidden from players in clans. - An error that would not allow you to login on specific accounts due to name change has been fixed. Additions - Additional stat tracking has been added to Pawn Tactics. The new stats that are being tracked will be integrated into the player info box popup when v1.07.11 is fully released. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- July 28, 2017 Bug Fixes: -Fixed the bug where a clan match's score multiplier would not update when players left and joined the clan match. Changes: -Base rank games now behave like clan matches in the sense that the score multiplier of the match is determined by the lowest rank player in the game. This should deliver proper score multipliers to higher rank players more often. Keep in mind that this doesn't replace higher rank games. If you are after score you must play higher rank games to experience continuous high score multipliers.
  16. Version 1.07.10 Changes - Moderator and Administrator online status is no longer displayed to users. If you have a moderator or administrator in your friend list, they will always display as offline regardless if they are online or not. - Joining clan chat upon login if you're in a clan has been re-added. Bug Fixes - Flag glitch should no longer result in the flag being stuck on the user's player. - One out of two known glitches resulting in invisible bullets have been fixed. June 19, 2017
  17. Version 1.07.09 Additions - Two new smoke effects have been added to Pawn Tactics obtainable by completing a certain set of requirements. Changes - Players now die when they leave the game. If they were damaged by a player other than themselves prior to leaving, a death is recorded and the attacker receives a kill. June 13, 2017
  18. Version 1.07.08 Changes - The number of open games based on rank has been reduced from 19 to 10 per map in general. - The scoring formula has been transformed. Quickplay games now give base score, while starting from Private T1 score multipliers take effect. The difference between score gain in tier 1 and tier 4 has been greatly reduced. Kills and deaths are now worth more score, and flag capture score has been slightly lowered to offset the large difference in scoring between the two. - Score multipliers have been re-added to Clan Wars. - The wait time between clan war challenges has been lowered. Any bugs with the previous wait time system should be fixed. Bug Fixes - Trying to practise against your own group in the clan war tab results in an error now. - A bug has been fixed in the login procedure that may have allowed un-approved names to be logged in with. June 12, 2017
  19. add mod Bots so when noone is playing we could still be active
  20. Version 1.07.00 Changes: - Pawn Tactics' game engine has been re-optimized for better performance. Notice: If choppy game play is experienced following this update, please try alternative web browsers or contact alexkwlabc for help. May 23rd, 2017
  21. Version 1.06.07 Beta (Some change log notes collected from previous non-official posts) (This version contains some un-finished content, so it is labeled as 'Beta') Changes: - Only one instance of Pawn Tactics can run now per computer. - Avoiding a death by suiciding after a specific time has been revoked. - Players now are sent into Lobby 1 when logging into Pawn Tactics and exiting a game if they are in a clan. - Maximum friends has been increased from 50 to 100 friends. - Bans now affect accounts instead of names, following Sandboxd's name change update a little late. - Various input fields now provide feedback when inputting data incorrectly. Bug Fixes: - Some hacks have been patched. - One case of zombie users in the lobby has been fixed. - Bans should expire on time now. Miscellaneous: - An interface similar to a firewall has been created to aid moderators in enforcing the game's rules and standards. Several new commands have been released along with this for moderators' use. - A new command system has been added. - A smaller fraction of Pawn Tactic's game code has been re-programmed in order to support future updates. Please report any errors discovered. - Massively updated various parts of Pawn Tactics' server to increase the ease of adding new features and figuring out how to fix bugs. Some changes have been made to increase server performance. May 5th, 2017
  22. -Minor Update- Some minor updates have taken place recently: - The friends list capacity has been increased to 100 users from 50. - Players now get placed into lobby 1 by default upon login. - The game should now provide feedback when you've provided incorrect input in various places. . Alongside these small changes, there was significant work done to further reduce the amount of time it takes to produce and release new updates. Also, a new system was implemented which will make it much easier to prevent ban evasion from ever happening. Feel free to try out the new command: ` ?serverinfo ` which displays how long the server has been running, along with some login statistics.
  23. Working on some "stability" updates as Sky likes to call them. Feel free to log in to the Pawn Tactics Test Game and use the ?build command to see when the server was last updated and a short description of what the mini-update was. (These update descriptions are meant for my programming purposes and might not be comprehendable or meaningful to anyone reading them. Just a disclaimer and explanation that I did not craft the ?build command for an official purpose, but rather for debugging.) Update notes will continue to be posted here as a full update is completed/released.
  24. I legitimately wonder why the original site went down. i wish for a re-up. minus all the hackers and i want it all back! :(
  25. Just to let everyone know, I haven't worked on updates since the last one. I've been busy with in person, and won't have time to work on an update for a while.
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