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  1. ![](http://i.imgur.com/jq4SMVK.png)
  2. What happened to you? I heard you got banned for padding
  3. i understand legends reality is one that is very harsh. i believe by becoming moderator he will be able to adapt to not only life on pt but the bigger picture.. life outside of pt. i believe by modding him we will all be doing our daily good deed in saving a soul.. a soul so lost in darkness that one can only believe this is the last chance we as a community can give a teenanger who is on the brink of self destruction. i hope thecriminal takes this into consideration when adding another staff member to the pt team. i am greatful for u saving the life of aid by also adding him to staff. this good deed has saved a soul from becoming even more miserable then he has already been. u have my gratitude senpai… pls save legend life bymakin moderator. thank u all for listening. i hpe as a comunity we can grow and help one another.. thanku ikid out
  4. you threw up!
  5. throws up
  6. There changed my avatar
  7. post a close up on your face
  8. thanks :D
  9. yeah youre right gotta find a new one :/
  10. nice wall of yours