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  1. Respond to my PMs again? Thank you. I'm having another issue with a moderator.
  2. respond to pms please? thx
  3. I would like everybody to know that I am Chieffan's personal secretary now. If you have any issues that you want him to handle, please go through me. I will relay the information to him. This will allow for more efficient way to take care of things since he is often away. -Ghilkm
  4. Hi Chief. I'm having a lot of issues with one of our community dictator moderators, Meow, aka Von. If you could please respond to my PM, that would be great.
  5. hi :)
  6. what a bullshitter
  7. Hi
  8. Remove LPG fail Mod! Doesn't Know wth he is doing! Replace him for Bones!
  9. (late)Congrads on admin. I don't know how things are going via I cant fucking log in, but I assume things are better than they were.
  10. so many people hate u lol
  1. Might as well get it started ;)
  2. That is correct Blank. Kyske you should make a group for staff members on
  3. Same here.
  4. Sweeeet!