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  1. hey bud :)
  3. Come check out Every World, it's a great game :)
  4. if i donate to sandboxd can u give me mor janiggers
  5. Are one of the developers left handed? Just wondering cuz Heavy on Pawn Tactics used to be lefty, and it looks like the character on Ever World is lefty
  6. couple questions for the champion Blank101 1) will you be removing PT from this site anytime soon? 2) when you release EverWorld, will you advertise for EverWorld? In your advertisements, will you also advertise PT? 3) would you join my clan on PT? I invited you Thanks! looking forward to it :)
  7. PT is your game to expand and dedicate your time to! You remember how active the community used to be? There were tons of people and what it used to be dwarfs what it is now. Now there are like 4 people on at a time , there used to be hundreds, maybe even a thousand or more!! I don't even know, all i know is it used to be exponentially bigger. I had some of the most fun gaming experiences on Pawn Tactics and I still remember them and care about it to this day. I've been apart of this community since 2007 and I hope you do something to revitalize it because I miss it. I would play PT along with me playing Overwatch competitively , thats how good PT was I'm comparing it to the game that had the biggest beta ever with 10 million people.
  8. do you swear
  9. Hi Blank, Any chance of getting an offline dump of the old Pawngame Mazing or Map section? There was so much history in that community, and it contained a treasure trove of maps and mazes. Someone told me you had archived the old forums somewhere. I tried looking via waybackmachine, but it seems to be blocked now. I had some of the best times of my life mazing and making maps. Shame that I didn't keep them saved, so I thought you may help. Thank you for your time!
  10. i just talked with Daniel and he said you're going to be advertising soon. he said that new people will come and pt will be like it was before. is this true?? are you going to restore pt with active users?
  1. Hey guys. Cool group! :D So the scrolling issue is only on Firefox? Interesting...