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  1. What's going on dude, did you die?
  2. Ya still here?
  4. Can you advertise pawngame? It's hard to find players on it now. Thanks
  5. im here to report a complain. one of your staff memebrs changed my name from negro. This staff member is a racist and needs to be removed. Racist prejudice discriminatory behavior like this cannot go on, especially in the staff. I stand for equality of all races. Don't allow your staff to discriminate against me
  6. where have you been at, havent seen you in a while m8
  7. You had me ROLLING with your reply to "7" post about demoting Blank. I needed a good laugh!! Thanks.
  8. Best mod
  9. Thanks for bringing back PG.
  10. Yay time to update the trainer and rek some troobs.