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  1. # Zylinder
  2. Since i started 11months ago, what updates have been implemented? What updates are being planned and when will they go into effect?
  3. Alright some of us have been talking about it in game, but you guys wanna start on the community Base project? Where all players work on making a base together in Everworld. I am posting this here cause i make sure to invite everyone who plays everworld here so everyone will get a notification because im not sure if everyone is subscribed to get notifications from everworld forum section. Just make a post here so i can see who wants to participate in it. The goal is to make one huge base that we can all meet up in or something, think of it as the U.N of the different empires we all have in the game. There may be some problems in making the base so i will list some of the potential things that we should think about before we start making it. (We can take the discussion of it in the forums everworld forums, im just saying what needs to be said here so that everyone knows) -Anyone can use the resources in the base so dont get angered when you gather resources and notice its all gone -There will be no official leader of the base, but we have to have someone be the owner and it has to be someone who won't abuse the bases power (Destroy stuff, lock stuff out, boot members, active) -This base will mainly be used i guess as a meeting point so don't take it seriously. We can start the construction of this anytime, but i want everyone to know about it ahead of time so we know who wants to join in so post here if interested. We can take any more serious discussion in the forums Remember to post anyone you see in game that isn't in group so i or someone can invite ill take the discussion over here since its a better format then group posting
  4. What are you including in the next update and when will it be implemented?
  5. What are you including in the next update / whens implementation?
  6. What are your guys thoughts on putting a penalty on water raiding? For example you don't do as much damage or takes longer to afflict damage if your raiding while swimming?
  7. **Everworld Update 6 Bug list.** Alright so one of the main reasons i want a group like this is because everyone here plays everworld so they know what is going on in game so im gonna make a quick list of bugs that ive spotted and if you have seen some post it here . (Or in grebs thread didnt see it) 1: While walking there is serious lag and sometimes teleport back from where u started walking. 2: Players can multi log and use multiple accs at once to raid/gather resources 3: Players randomly teleport to other peoples tents 4: Once a structure is build inside a territory even if destroyed the tent can not be destroyed. 5: Destroyed tents show up as "Loading..." in View my groups (Savage) 6: When setting up a second tent, it does not immediately appear on your group list without first logging out and back in. (Greb) 7: Trees and food have regrown immediately after re-logging in. The trees are uncutable and provide no further resources, but still show up. (Greb) Edit: You can not build on these spaces 8: Lag is seen frequently, which makes resources gathered during lag dissapear (Kyske) 9: Using stone age walls freezes game with infinite loading Reminder to invite/let people know if you see people playing everworld so they can join the group !
  8. Any suggestions for any additional forums?
  9. Will add anyone who plays the game
  10. What does Group wall do?
  11. Whats on the table for the next update?
  12. Are you still on schedule to finish the speed patch sometime in June?