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  1. LOGGGGGGG Was watching on TV (AXS?) a heavy metal concert in Charlotte NC. Lamb of God played in it so I'm on here sending u a msg.
  2. who r u
  3. Log having your 4t ff wouldn't work the way it currently is. The way the server works: the first person gets put into the red team The second onto the blue The third onto the green The fourth onto the yellow The fifth onto the black The sixth onto the white The seventh back onto the red and so on. Meaning the way you have the map set up right now, the first two people wouldn't spawn in along with the seventh and eighth persons. You can't auto spawn In on the green team and skip red/blue. It doesn't work like that, but on the other hand, I believe when the game is over and it restarts, I think it might shuffle the people onto available spawning locations, but who ever would join after the game starts would be out into the red and blue team which would cause an error due to the fact that there's not spawning for those two teams. Look at MoTW 89 has the same exact problem. I made the map to be as a 2t KoTH with split spawning. But the server has it as 4t cause the third and fourth players to join the game, to glitch out and unable to play. You can't have a game without red or blue spawns no matter what it doesn't work, unless its an FFA. I promise you fix your ff map before its served.
  4. - Features like usergroups motivate users to stay active and helpful -> increases post-quality (look at the current threads and posts. Every 2nd post is redundant/spam) - Our old forum had a tournament-system (it helped us to organize tournaments) - We need a decent (forum)-modpanel to catch ban-evading users (VB provides a good forum-panel) - Option to sticky threads kept all important threads (i.e. guides, rules, etc.) at the top - By having a good forum, users are encouraged to visit your website more often -> increases forum-activity - Old forum-design looked more appealing
  5. That koala goes back.
  6. koalalalala bear!!!!!
  7. i do remember you :)

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