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  1. ![Alt Text](https://video-images.vice.com/_uncategorized/1509474941582-Vape.jpeg?resize=1050:*)
  2. I threw up :D
  3. darth maulz WEAK
  4. What if I'm the one that reports some of the posts/threads?
  5. Hey man! Get a profile pic so that my friends list is more colourful!! :D
  6. lool
  7. hop off my dick bro we aint neva gonna b frens on site chat
  8. me
  9. Yes it is this is her FB profile pic.
  10. How can u call her ugly... Smh.
  1. Chip Kelly is fat.
  2. We lost, but its been one hell of a season. ESPCIALLY that this is supposed to be a rebuilding year. We have exceeded everybodys expectations. I see a bright future in this era. Keep bleeding green. End of the day this team is a winning team, u cant deny that. Lots of stuff looking forward to. E A G L E S EAGLES!
  3. Saints @ Eagles 8:30 PM EST on NBC Catch it on 1/4/13 Wildcard weekend!

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