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  1. gay
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  3. Yo Obi vs Anakin, was this just something that needed to happen to fit in with the orginal trilogy? Or do you honestly think Obi out classed Anakin in light saber combat?
  4. I have a question for you to think about, this may interest you. I'm not sure how much you know about Star Wars theory, but Palpatine was so powerful because nobody could sense his force powers. When Plagueis first met Palpatine, Plagueis prophesied Palpatine would become emperor of the galaxy. The question is - in the scene where Mace and the jedi attempt to arrest Palpatine, Palpatine falls victim to Windu. The idea is that Sidious purposefully loses to Windu for Anakin to come so that Anakin falls victim to Sidious as his apprentice. You think he purposefully lost as part of his evil plot in order to sway Anakin (as he was the master of evil plots - death star, overthrowing jedi, recruiting Anakin). Or you think Mace Windu was powerful enough to defeat Sidious? Windu had a purple lightsaber because he was a dark jedi. Mace Windu embraced the dark side and had a rare lightsaber style - he absorbed his opponents dark energy and responded with identical fighting force. So in theory Mace is strong enough to compete with Sidious. The question has never been answered
  5. It's not that surprising, man. Pawngame hit the peak of it's popularity a long time ago and now there are only a handful of people left. Good to see you're still around though.
  6. Yeah man it's a pretty good game. Met some good people on it. Glad to hear you're doing good. Going to try and keep better tabs on this site and so forth.
  7. Cute
  8. Was it big like you imagined? Was it everything you fantasized about?
  9. No you did tell me how was the "Oh Eden" part
  10. You mean how did your date go The date was set up for you! Silly boy