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  1. HI
  2. u r nvr on
  3. sup, can you ad this zed? you know you want too :3 , cheers!
  4. Yo are you on???
  5. Why are you never on
  7. Glad to see you guys alive and doing well :)
  8. imagine a graphic section in the forums, you know you want one!
  1. Hey guys, sorry I was AFK for a bit, getting swamped with work. I can see a bunch of new tourney's trying to start, and that is directly attributable to you guys I think--people are starting to care. And It's fantastic that you are noticing the new guys trying to start it--mad props. How are we going to get tourney formation more organized, so we don't have to juggle misplaced threads you don't have to keep searching around threads to find the good ones. Perhaps a tourney sub-section or something in PT forums? would that help you guys out? And a more open group (i.e. this one) for newer folks to come and discuss would be good too.
  2. Yea brother; that's what this group is for right? Right now it seems like a good start to do things; i.e. he is at least giving the initiative to start it up. With this group's experience, shouldn't we be able to share these insights with them? Take a more proactive role to get tourneys more regular? Edit: I am coming to you guys because you actually have experience in this; the irony of game dev is that we only created the product, you the users created the culture.
  3. So I've noticed this potential one going up, it seems like there is enough activity for it to come through: We can use this one to see how well leveraging social media and player participation works out; and then figure out what would need improvement or what we can do to make them more successful
  4. Hey guys, hopefully this can get off the ground. I will push the credits thing, and at the very least I will see if I can use my admin powers to get the credits to the winners of tourneys. Also, I will try and advertise prospective tournaments on our social channels and whatnot. Tourney's were always a strong point of PT, so I want to help any way I can to get them off the ground. And if you are feeling really ambitious, perhaps a level race or something to work with Zed (kinda like the iron-man competitions in Diablo, where you each level to 9 and then see who can win)
  5. Welcome to the first ever group in closed Beta! If you are seeing this, then you are one of the valued few that can help us make this the best experience for everyone else!