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  1. momosexual
  2. `My old player register thing will obviously be the first ever sticky on this site.` What's an old player register?
  3. hamo come back i need your snappy comments
  4. sup noob
  5. Thank you for your service in the Pawn Tactics army. Your loyalty was very much appreciated kernel.
  6. Your so fucking weird
  7. bench pls
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiJWCJc4Oec
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. Yea shes 21 now and two years ago she was old miley which was 19..
  1. wow down with von who smokes the bong inside her thong word up
  2. Am i like the only one in here that still logs on?
  3. wot wot
  4. lol?
  5. annnd groups dead, so whats doink?
  6. Also you can leave the game and the time would be saved. Say i played 20min one day, 30min the next, then 10min and so on and it will all ad up until the 2 hour period (or w/e time you select) is over
  7. Id get blank to add a battle feature. Basicly you choose the amount of hours and a completion date. Say i wanted to play near in a 1v1 I would select something like challenge near. 2 hours, end date (1 weeks time) And points would be based on zombie kills, what zombies you killed and waves gained within the 2 hour period. A small clock would be somewhere on the screen like top right saying how many hours left until battle over. 100 points for 1 wave 10 points green zombie 5 points normal zombie 8 points ghost zombie 7 points screamer Weapons collected could possibly go towards points but that is usualy about luck. That way people can choose if they want to create new accounts to vs each other or use there main accounts. And it isnt souly the td's who have to organise everything. Plus having a feature like that would be similar to cws on pt were people can play each other in groups. Zed is a game were it is you (people) against zombies, i don't think having people vs people + vs zombies is a good idea.
  8. You would also have to have people create new characters to make it fair. Otherwise you would have somelike like zyl who is over lvl 40 with a crowbar of 800+ and another team full of people under level 20 with horrible weapons. I still like the idea because it would boost zed activity a small amount but it is to hard to manage imo.
  9. word high. A zed tourney is to hard to manage. and no real way of...judging/winning i guess. You could have groups see how many waves they can get through without dieing, but like i said you can't really do that unless you have a legit td or mod in the game with them
  10. blank doesnt really get shifty....... Also Blank has said 100000000000000000 times (prob only twice) He isnt having donations, so just stahp with that jibberish.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZB8HRrJ0KM
  12. we need more ppl tell eryone
  13. That would need a lot of product if you know what i mean.
  14. Harshs
  15. http://thebeards.bigcartel.com/category/tees
  17. Tus doesnt have a beard yet pls
  18. And give me more names of ppl with beards
  19. Shun anyone who doesnt join
  20. Agreed
  21. Cool bananas
  22. annnd the sites ded
  23. "Kyske you should make a group for staff members on pawngame.com." I agree
  24. Hi i luff u