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  4. I'm really sorry but I have no clue who you are. Previous name? I'm sorry I really don't know.
  5. cool you're a mod and a contributer.
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  1. Version 1.07.13 Additions: - Added a skin system for character graphics in order to support future updates - Users are now ordered by IP address in the Mod Panel for easy spotting of multi-logging Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug where completing a click within thirty milliseconds would cause certain actions to not be expressed to other players such as using the knife as recon Jan 21, 2019
  2. Version 1.07.12 Additions: - Added fast click detection in order to learn about the recon cloak exploit Jan 19, 2019
  3. Version 1.07.11g Additions: - Added additional intel and moderation events to Discord to assist moderators and admins Bug Fixes: - Fixed spectate mode for moderators Jan 15, 2019
  4. Version 1.07.11f Additions: - Added a message notifying you of having received an invite to a clan Jan 1, 2019
  5. Version 1.07.11e Additions - Added Clan Match Result notifications to Discord Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug that prevented some users from re-joining a clan war match Dec 31, 2018
  6. Version 1.07.11d Bug Fixes: - Fixed K/D ratios appearing as NaN for new accounts. Dec 24, 2018
  7. Version 1.07.11c Additions - Added server event sending to Discord Changes - Removed dynamic game scoring due to a bug with determining the round winner Dec 4, 2018
  8. Oh no the title!
  9. hi :)
  10. Please join the [Discord]( if you have not already in order to access a live chat with Pawn Tactics players.
  11. Version 1.07.11b Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug that prevented players from joining games above rank `Private T1` Note: I had to roll back to v1.07.11 in my files in order to make this patch. Unfortunately I haven't been version controlling the **UI** so I couldn't fully rollback the UI and had to use one from a **later patch**. There might be some minor graphical discrepancies such as the **Users Online** being seen on multiple pages and it being unpopulated. Nov 29, 2018
  12. LET'S BRING BACK PT! FIRST WE HAVE TO GATHER OUR EXISTING PLAYER BASE. So far there's an average of 10 Pawn/PT players online in the discord let's keep building that to give us access to inviting a large number of people at once to play together on demand. I feel like we can gather 20-40 people easily. Please share the link to any PT/Pawn friends that aren't currently in it and are already using or are interested in using Discord! :D
  13. Hey everyone, I added a forum to this group called `Discussion` where some updates on what is being developed will be posted. Feel free to post anything you like under these threads. Any type of hate/fan mail and or comments. I don't guarantee a reply will never get deleted, but give it yours.
  14. Hey everyone, an official map making forum has finally been made on sandboxd. you can find it here:
  15. -Minor Update- Some minor updates have taken place recently: - The friends list capacity has been increased to 100 users from 50. - Players now get placed into lobby 1 by default upon login. - The game should now provide feedback when you've provided incorrect input in various places. . Alongside these small changes, there was significant work done to further reduce the amount of time it takes to produce and release new updates. Also, a new system was implemented which will make it much easier to prevent ban evasion from ever happening. Feel free to try out the new command: ` ?serverinfo ` which displays how long the server has been running, along with some login statistics.
  16. Working on some "stability" updates as Sky likes to call them. Feel free to log in to the Pawn Tactics Test Game and use the ?build command to see when the server was last updated and a short description of what the mini-update was. (These update descriptions are meant for my programming purposes and might not be comprehendable or meaningful to anyone reading them. Just a disclaimer and explanation that I did not craft the ?build command for an official purpose, but rather for debugging.) Update notes will continue to be posted here as a full update is completed/released.
  17. In the mean time, the pawn tactics test server is back online.
  18. blank101 does care about pawn / PT , he just indirectly forced me to rebuild my test environment and rebuild pawn tactics. now I can work on updates again.
  19. # makeptgreatagain
  20. By the way, the goal of this group will never be reached as this group is not found. (404) It doesn't exist.
  21. In order to succeed, PT needs to become like Everworld.
  22. Just to let everyone know, I haven't worked on updates since the last one. I've been busy with in person, and won't have time to work on an update for a while.
  23. Join the Test Game group and follow the `Announcements` forum to get notiications when an update has been officially released/completed for testing in the Test Game. **Note** The test server experiences frequent downtime, as I am continuously updating its code.
  24. Hello everyone! It's been over a month since I started constructing the development environment, and I can finally say it has been completed. Any change to code I make, I can immediately deploy to a test environment, the deployment taking only up to 5 minutes maximum. The test environment is public, so I can ask anyone to come join and bug test updates before they are reflected in the official game! I am more than delighted to program for PT now that it doesn't take around 30 minutes or more to test added code. Thank you to Blank101 for quickly fixing a bug in Sandboxd that prevented my test environment from functioning properly. :)
  25. Thank you to Chi for volunteering to join the Pawn Tactics Development Team and helping prepare the development environment.