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  2. Im still alive!
  3. wat the hell are you supposed to be?
  4. Nice profile picture :]
  5. Midnight you need a colourful profile pic like DarthMAULZ's ! :D
  6. yeah red x is quite ominous and cool.
  3. Join the PT discord! We're quite active.
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  13. I was thinking of hosting a PG tournament, who wants in?
  14. Hey all, was thinking we get DM's once every week, shame no one plays PG, PT is fun but I would like to play PG once in a while too. Maybe every Friday at 10-12PM? Suggest better times or times you get on, whos down?
  15. I have been trying to host a Support class tournament with a unique prize! Read here for more: Please support the thread, thank you.
  16. Hey guys, welcome to the Revive PG group, basically 1) Get a specific time every week to play 2) Recruit
  17. Everyone seeing this, please try to get on everyday.
  18. Everyone seeing this message, please try to get on everyday.
  19. 4 people on a day. Let's make it 6.
  20. Hup hup your country needs you, go serve in the Pawn army.
  22. a storms 'a brewing
  23. Every time you log off with the new option it resets to the defualt