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  1. yo
  2. Anyway you can help me with my friend's ban?
  3. Hey Ader having a problem I am logged in on SandBoxd but it still has me as guest when I join game
  1. How should we go about this such that it amounts to something? Blank said that PG may not be coming back as that requires another server, hence adding on to their cost. But I strongly believe that PG can come back once they start earning a steady revenue from Sandboxd and Zed via microtransactions. Nevertheless, I still strongly feel that PG HAS to come back, it's where this all started from. Gotta go back to your roots. Maybe start a perition or something? Blank gets kinda shifty when anyone confronts him about PT/PG/Old Forums, so the only way to prove it is by actually having physical evidence that there are loads of people who want the game back.