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  1. Why You Steal My Name?
  2. Heard u Suck Dick with no hands
  3. ![Alt Text](https://media.giphy.com/media/Fss3XPBdFireg/giphy.gif)
  4. What state do you live in
  5. I am ProAssaulter145. I returned from the past. I miss the old days c'waring with you and Gustavo500. Do you remember me? I miss the old days when I was leader and co leader of LSX and other clans along with you and Gustavo500. Gus and Hybrix (u).
  6. i ben amazang mang. u still da bes?
  7. step st00l bab
  8. Sup boy
  9. Hah nice to have you visit
  10. I'm very astonished of the person you have become